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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A personal Admin note

When I returned to Political blogging after a long hiatus, I made a promise to myself. I said I would not interact with the bloggers on the left because I knew it was very stupid waste of my time and effort.

As you can see I broke that promise and once again I had to learn the lesson the hard way that trying to interact with Socialist bloggers is a waste of time.

So I am going to start keeping that promise to myself Friday Gun porn will no longer be known as Grumps Gun Porn just plain old Gun Porn and our cool new Zombie Bait feature will go back to being just Zombie Bait.

The Socialists will be free to comment here but I personally will not reply or interact with them. To use the phrase "They are dead to me"

I got back into political blogging to interact with the people on my side of the spectrum or the people who might be on the fence and can be brought into our camp.

Arguing with a flock of assholes who are as set in their beliefs as I am set in mine is a total waste of my time your time and even their time.

So I am going to try and personally get back to doing what I intended to do when I came back here.

I apologize for falling back into that trap and if I start to do it again feel free to remind me I am falling off the wagon again ;)