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Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes calm rational government policemen should be the only people we trust with guns.

"No. 2 State Patrol official accused of unruly behavior"

Yes this man is more qualified to carry a firearm then you or I. Right.

Second question if you or I pulled this stunt I wonder if we would have been treated in the same kid glove manner?

Not that I do not understand this a little, I think Columbia County Deputy Sheriffs are assholes too, but since I am just a plain old citizen I am not allowed to yell at Deputy Sheriffs like Col. Mendez is.

(Want to guess where I got my last speeding ticket lol, assholes and their speed traps 4 lane road on the outside of town that is 45mph when it should be 55mph if you have driven through Portage you know what I am talking about.) But I digress

Just because someone wears a uniform and a badge doesn't make them any more stable or qualified to carry a weapon. Remember incidents like these when the Socialists try and tell you only government officials should be allowed to have guns.

Oh I understand at no time did Col Mendez use/flash or even refer to his side arm. I am just using this story as an example that Police are far from being infallible