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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost 26 Million a minute.

Doyle seeks full cost of fast rail link

Governor Doyle has caught Choo Choo fever just like Mayor Barrett has. But Gov. Doyle wants to build a choo choo that actually goes somewhere unlike the empty suit in the Milwaukee Mayors office.

Diamond Jim is trying to get the Feds and their magic print them as we need them dollars to pick up the whole $519 Million dollar tab for the project. Which would link Milwaukee with Madison with a 110mph rail line. According to the DOT you would be able to get to Madison from Milwaukee 20 whole minutes faster than if you drove. That works out to $25,950,000 for each minute saved. What a bargain!

But it gets better guess where the train will let you off in Madison? Wait for it the Madison Airport which is very close to ...... well almost nothing. So after riding the Choo Choo you would have to ride a bus to get to the Capital Square or the UW Campus isn't that just wonderful. What is it with you Socialists why do you insist on building your stupid mass transit systems so they do not go near places where normal people would actually want to go?

If you are going to build this Choo Choo why not have it go into the city so it drops people off near the places they are most likely going since no one actually flies out of the Madison Airport sending your train there is down right stupid.

I wonder what a round trip on this Choo Choo will cost? I know for a fact it is $44.00 round trip to Chicago and back aboard Amtrack so lets use that figure for a ticket to Madison from Milwaukee. That is still pretty steep when you can ride Badger Bus to Madison for pretty much the same price and be dropped off right at the Memorial Union or the Downtown Madison Bus terminal instead of the Airport.

I mean I would rather have them waste Stimulus dollars on concrete projects like this if and it is a big if they are going to waste them one way or the other than spend them on stupid social engineering grants and the like. But is there really a need for this train? I mean are people from Milwaukee going to ride the train to Madison to go shopping? I am sorry as nice as it would be to have lunch with Jib in Madison I am not going to ride the Choo Choo from Oconomowoc to the Madison Airport then ride a bus to downtown to meet him for lunch. When I could drive down there and just park right downtown. My guess is from Oconomowoc the train would save me less than 10 minutes maybe even less based on the fact that I have a lead foot and a very good traffic lawyer on speed dial ;) 3 more years and I have all my points back or gone which every it is I cannot remember do you lose points or gain them when you get a ticket lol.

So there you go we are going to build a choo choo with money we don't really have and in 5 or 6 years I will be able to watch mostly empty trains going by my house on their way to Madison.

I am sure glad we will not have to pay back the $519 Million that it will cost to build this white elephant since we are using Federal money. What is that you say that as US taxpayers we will have to pay back that money hmmm that makes this an even worse deal than.

What is it about the left and their Choo Choos?

I am sure we could not have found something useful to do with that 519 million dollars

Tell me again why we live in this stupid ass state?