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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While my holding company gently weeps (blood & billions)

Glenn takes a few minutes to parse some AIG numbers that are a little bigger than the $165 million in bonuses; legal money laundering; and sub prime dollars, so you may want to watch it on your break. Bonus: mocking Barney Frank.

Then again, it could make your boss twice as mad to find you goofing off, then find out why you're goofing off.

Don't forget, kiddies - not all of these "banks" you're bailing out are banks. But don't worry, it's business, and business is too hard for you flyover bumpkins folks to understand. So just go back to your farms and cheese coops, and grow your corn and soybeans and cows, and let Obama, your favorite community organizer-cum supreme commander in chief, handle things.

Maybe with a nice letter or something.