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Sunday, March 22, 2009

More about that cheesemaker in Antigo

I’m not sure how we settled on the phrase “Cheddarsphere” to describe Wisconsin’s blogosphere. It’s certainly better than “Cheesesphere,” and less cumbersome than “the Wisconsin-oriented blogosphere.” Packersphere appeals to me, if only to piss off the Cowboys and Bears fans among us.

I guess we could go with Dairysphere. Badgersphere. Brewsphere or Beersphere…those don’t really work. Danicasphere is a little more BBA-centric. Leiniesphere?

Point is, at some time in the past, we kinda/sorta unofficially settled on Cheddarsphere, and lo, it was good.

But as the story about that Antigo cheesemaker – the one who won the award for his wheel of Parmesan – proves, it’s a little bit discriminatory.

There are so many kinds of cheese besides cheddar. There’s parmesan, obviously. Swiss – awfully large Swiss population in Wisconsin, and boy you don’t wanna get those guys mad. There’s Colby, Colby-Jack, and Brick, all of which were invented in Wisconsin.

How can we push those cheeses out with our narrow-minded cheddar-centric-osity?

It’s discriminatory, is what it is. It’s wrong!

So lately I’ve been going with Blogosphere’o’Cheese. A little harder to write, but at least I can look myself in the mirror while I’m grating pepper jack for my Sunday meatloaf.