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Saturday, March 21, 2009

WSJ endorses Fernandez

Go, Rose Go!

An excerpt from the State Journal's editorial, endorsing Rose Fernandez for DPI:

Her primary focus is invigorating brick-and-mortar public schools to give parents and children "a broad menu of options," clear standards and strong support. Like Obama, she favors more charter and specialty schools to encourage innovation, merit pay for teachers and greater emphasis on math and science. Fernandez also supports alternative certification methods to bring more minority teachers into the K-12 system to serve as role models.
That's good. Now on to this:

Fernandez talks passionately about making sure every child is prepared for a strong start in school. She's not just interested in more 4-year-old kindergarten programs. She talks about the potential need for 3-year-old kindergarten.
I’ve said it before: although Fernandez is the “conservative choice” for DPI, we don’t really know that she’s a conservative. Her position on 3-year old kindergarten (if that is her actual position) runs counter to that of your average conservative.

Doesn’t matter. Just put her positions on choice and parental rights up against those of WEAC, and she’s by far the best candidate out there.