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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jimmy Carter, part XLIII

The forgettable one-termer and erswhile worst former president EVAH waxes loquacious on - what else? - the Mideast.

And uses the opportunity to declaim what could arguably be one of the few props left to Nixon. Claiming the honors for himself, natch.

Behold the textbook example of the mock interview by fake news maven Jon Stuart:

1. Stuart sets up the fawning, slavering excuse of a softball Q, and Carter graciously rocks it.
2. Stuart offers completely uncritical follow up.
3. Stuart pretends to challenge Carter's point; Carter comes through again.
4. Stuart offers a pandering excuse for "research/critique", thus allowing Carter to claim establishing relations with the "one true China," and stake hope for Mideast peace in - no, I won't say it - find out for yourself. Chris, this one's for you. Check it.