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Monday, January 26, 2009

When will the Obama Slogans End?

I was driving into my son's gymnastic meet yesterday and right where Hwy 16 and 94 meet, what did I see staring down at me from Clear Channels massive electronic billboard?

President Obama's huge mug with the slogan "Yes We Can" under it. I mean it was quite eye catching in a Big Brother Sort of Way

And yes I know our love for Big Brother, oops President Obama is supposed to be without doubt or question. But when will he get past the slogans and acting like he is still campaigning for the job?

Yes We Can, What???

Lets hear some specifics

Yes we can coddle terrorist.

Yes we can raise your taxes.

Yes we can make your energy costs soar with our slavish devotion to our Green Religion(that one is a little long winded might not fit on the sign.)

Yes we can attack your 2nd amendment rights.

Now see how easy that was and I am not even a God like "The One" just think of the ones he could come up with ;)

I do find it amazing the people who latched on to Mission Accomplished for 6 years just love their slogans now.

So I call on President Obama to move beyond cheap campaign slogans and start telling us what he is really going to do to oops there I go again for us.

Yes we can: Resist Obama with every legal means we can find