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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where the heck was this last year?

Baraboo City Council approves hunting with city limits

Property owners on rural land in Baraboo can apply for a permit to hunt this deer season, and will be spared fees under an ordinance that won unanimous City Council approval Tuesday evening.

Creation of the permit was sparked by an agreement annexing town of Greenfield land to the city's east side. Until approval of the new permit, hunting and the discharge of firearms or bows were prohibited on all properties within city limits.

...Hunters must apply to the city clerk, and hunting is limited to agriculturally zoned land, said Chief of Police Craig Olsen. The police department must evaluate hunting sites to ensure there is no danger to nearby homes.
Last November, we hunted opening weekend and hardly even saw any deer. Then, the day after Thanksgiving: four does bedding down right in my backyard.

As I said at the time: son of a...stupid city limits.

Obviously, I still won't be able to hunt in my own backyard, not being in a "rural" area as such. It's only a little quarter-acre lot, after all.

Still, I consider this a step in the right direction.

I mean, come on - when they're in your own backyard and you didn't get one opening weekend, you oughta be allowed to shoot!