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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I think he meant to say "ill-mannered troll," but maybe not

It's with mixed feelings that we welcome Jo Egelhoff back to the Blogosphere'o'Cheese. Obviously, many of us hoped that Jo – proprietor of – would return triumphantly as a Representative-elect to the Wisconsin State Assembly. She didn't. So. We're glad to have her back, but wish it was under more celebratory circumstances.

Anyway. Her first post at following the election drew a bunch of comments, not the least of which came from Lon, who wrote (fourth comment):
It's good to see Jo back making commentary in Fox Politics. For myself, I avoided commenting on anything from the crew of right wing bloviators and troglodytes that have filled this pages [sic] in her absence…
My emphasis. Since I was one of that crew, helping fill in for Jo while she was campaigning, this intrigued me. I responded (last comment):
Hey, Lon, was I a "bloviator" or a "troglodyte?" I'm hoping troglodyte, but I'd settle for bloviating troglodyte. Just as long as a little troglodytation is in there someplace.
Obviously, this train of thought made me realize that "Bloviating Troglodyte" would make a great name for a blog*. But it's not just a catchy name: it's also accurate, in a generalized, metaphorical sort of way.

To bloviate means "To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner," or to "orate verbosely and windily."

And a troglodyte is, among other things, "One of any savage race that dwells in caves, instead of constructing dwellings; a cave dweller."

That's cave, as in basement. So: a "bloviating troglodyte" is somebody who lives in a basement, talks too damn much, and thinks too highly of the things he/she says.

In other words, a blogger.

You wonder why Lon didn't just say so.

* first person to claim it can have it, but I expect a prominent place on the blogroll and at least one link per month after your daily traffic hits four figures.