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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taxation without Representation. Sort Of.

If you live in suburb that borders Milwaukee, you may want to check your license plate renewal very carefully:

"I saw it was for $95 and I knew there was an increase in fees so I didn't think too much of it," he recalled. "But then I went to renew [the plates] online, saw the itemized list, and saw there was a $20 wheel tax."

"I was pretty sure there was no wheel tax in Greenfield, so I looked it up and it was the City of Milwaukee [tax] they wanted to charge me."

The Milwaukee Common Council passed the so-called "wheel tax," a $20-per-car registration fee, for City of Milwaukee residents in July.

So how did Krueger, a Greenfield resident, get stuck with it?

It seems that there is a problem with the Wisconsin DMV's computer system that lumps residents of multi-community shared zip codes into Milwaukee. So if you live in one of those zip codes but aren't a resident of Milwaukee, watch your bill and if assessed the fee, contact the DMV at the number listed at the article.