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Monday, November 10, 2008

Kenya really, really likes Obama

…there is undeniably an over-the-top quality about Kenya’s embrace of Obama. The government declared a national holiday to celebrate the Illinois senator’s victory over John McCain. The National Theater is staging “Obama: The Musical,” which explores the next president’s life through song. There are appeals for Kenya to officially petition the United States to become the 51st state. And the country is already making plans to host a visit from the president-elect, even though Obama hasn’t indicated when, if ever, he will come.
The rest of the article goes through some of Kenya's problems, including ethnic violence following their last election. Race relations in the U.S. fall along lines of visible physical differences these days – we forget about the "No Irish Need Apply" period of our own history. That's kind of where Kenya is right now, according to this article. Interesting stuff, if a little optimistic about Obama's potential impact on Kenya.

But, hey, I'm an optimistic guy.