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Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama and Doyle talk...well, probably shop, but who knows?

Whatever it was, they aren't letting on.

MADISON - Neither Gov. Jim Doyle nor President-elect Barack Obama's transition team were talking Friday about contact the two have had in recent days.

The transition team contacted Doyle recently, said the governor's spokesman, Lee Sensenbrenner.
Sensenbrenner. Working for Doyle. You know they picked him for that job just because of the name. Because that's gotta burn.

Anybody know if there's relation between him and the Congressman?

But Sensenbrenner had no details about the meeting, and Stephanie Cutter, spokeswoman for Obama's transition team, said the team would not confirm or deny any contacts that have been made.
Well, of course not. I wrote earlier this week: just because Doyle says he doesn't want or expect a Cabinet job doesn't mean he doesn't want a Cabinet job.

Tip for Sensenbrenner (the spokesman, not the Congressman): Obama's from Chicago. Just say they were talking about this Sunday's Packers-Bears game.