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Monday, September 01, 2008

RNC, Day 1

Having read James Lileks’ description of security in Denver, I was prepared for the worst, and got…well, less than that. The line was pretty long, but once in, getting through security went quickly. They didn’t make me open my computer bag, even. Just ran it through the x-ray machine.

UPDATE – the line got a lot longer later on – I’d left around 1 to see a protest march (pics and video soon!). There was a very, very short line when I left. By the time I got back, well, usually there’d have to be an E-ticket kind of ride at the other end of that.

While standing in line (the first time, that is), John Voight walked by. I wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture. I also ran across the Pajamas Media booth while I was wandering around the Xcel Center, but didn’t snap a picture because that seemed too much like blogging about other bloggers.

I did get this shot of one of the media pits:

Can you see all the tables? Click on the picture for a larger version. That’s the AP area on the left, and Reuters on the right. What in the world is there for all those people to do? I mean, even if Gustav hadn’t curtailed events, seems like that’s personnel overkill.

But what do I know? I’m just a blogger.

So. In the grand tradition of blogging, let’s get on the internet and see what other people are writing! Because why should I actually take time to lift my eyes from my screen and look around?

Sean Hackbarth has been here since Saturday – he had some of the same thoughts I did about the “goodie bag,” although I was more concerned about whether or not I was going to let my kids eat the macaroni and cheese. Satanism never entered my mind.

GOP3’s Brandon Henak is on his way.

Also, WisPolitics has a blog going. Van Mobley – an official delegate to the convention – has a great post about his first day at the convention, and a conversation with a couple of locals. And he posted it at 1:38 this morning. Way to put the hours in, Van!

Looks like the Pajamas Media guys have their regular stuff going (Glenn Reynolds is here with them, too), and James Lileks as well. I’ll have to go celebrity-hunting later.