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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

California Rep. optimistic about Wisconsin's 8th District

Wisconsin conservatives might recognize the name Rep, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and not because of Tailgunner Joe: McCarthy was one of the Weekly Standard’s “Young Guns of the GOP” last year, along with Eric Cantor and our own Paul Ryan.

McCarthy spoke to bloggers at a brunch ealier today about the upcoming elections and where the GOP can have success, and he included Wisconsin’s 8th district:

Later, he referred to Gard as a “rock star.”

Also at the brunch, Frank Luntz, a big-deal pollster (if reaction around the room was any indication) spoke about the Biden/Palin Veep matchup:

The voice you heard asking about social conservatives was Mary Katherine Ham, formerly of Townhall, soon, she told us, to be with the Weekly Standard. There were several Newsbusters, New Media Strategies, and Redstate folks in attendance, too.

Newsbusters has a longer and better video of Luntz here.