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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brunch with Fred Thompson

Okay, so I didn’t actually share a meal with him. I attended this morning’s “blogger brunch,” at which he was the main event.

He got there a little late, but since there was good conversation all around, it was all good. We were introduced to him as “new media.”

“The New York times wouldn’t know a scandal if it was walking down Main Street under a searchlight, except for a Republican.”
On John McCain:

“Somebody asked me yesterday: 'what did you learn during the campaign?' And I said: 'well the main thing I learned was never underestimate John McCain.'”
On the challenges facing the next president:

“That’s the world we live in today. It’s no time to turn the keys to the car over to a fourteen-year-old in heavy traffic.”
On Sarah Palin:

“She’s the kind of public servant that we all claim that we want.“
He took a few questions, but after a little while I put the camera down because I realized I was watching it all through the viewfinder, instead of using my eyes. Gotta appreciate what’s going on around us every now and then.