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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We’ve already got Summer year-round in the Dells…

now we’ll have Winter year-round, too.

Developers to build sports resort

A proposed resort for Wisconsin Dells will offer year-round skiing as well as indoor and outdoor waterparks, restaurants, a BMX/skateboard facility, retail stores, a spa, a convention center, an arcade and a condominium hotel.

Joshua Schultz of dRMR Development, LLC, Lake Mills, joined by an attorney and engineer, presented plans and a developer's agreement to the Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission for the $57 million resort that is proposed to be built on 13-acres owned by Ron Flock. The project, called the Wedge Adventure Resort will be on Grand Cambrian Drive off Highway 16.

Those couple paragraphs are from a July 12 story. Today, the Dells Events reported that the city council has approved the project.

If you've never stood barefoot in your swimming suit dripping wet with nothing but a sheet glass window between you and freezing temperatures and two feet of snow outside, I'm telling you: you just haven't lived.

And now, what, we'll be able to ski when it's ninety out?