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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Re: Gonna be on the radio

I dunno, Marcus, Bill seemed like a good host. Gave me plenty of time to say my piece and seemed to know (as good hosts should) when he should jump in because I was getting stuck.

That’s Bill Sebastian, by the way: morning host on 1150 AM WHBY, Appleton. Thanks for having me on, Bill!

Oh, and also thanks to Jo Egelhoff of, since it's her invitation to post there once a week that got me the invite from Bill. FoxPolitics gets results!

One down point: Bill does seem to have a relatively low opinion of bloggers, generally, and I’m afraid I might have done a rather poor job defending us. Sorry about that. I was nervous.

But I think we can forgive him for that, since he also seems to have a pretty high opinion of me, and that's what really counts. Right?

Guys? Right?