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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Doooooooooomed!

From the BBC: '100 months to save the planet'

A "Green New Deal" is needed to solve current problems of climate change, energy and finance, a report argues.

According to the Green New Deal Group, humanity only has 100 months to prevent dangerous global warming.
That puts us right around November of 2016. You may want to sell the stocks before then.

The story is long on "solutions," but any discussion of what will actually happen in 100 months is nonexistent.

Also absent is any explanation of how this jibes with Ted Danson's 1988 prediction that we have only ten years to save the world's oceans.

But wait: that's not the funniest part. There's a link on the sidebar to another story titled "Next decade 'may see no warming'".

The Earth's temperature may stay roughly the same for a decade, as natural climate cycles enter a cooling phase, scientists have predicted.

A new computer model developed by German researchers, reported in the journal Nature, suggests the cooling will counter greenhouse warming.
Phew. Good thing we've got some global warming, then, or else everybody'd start screaming about a new ice age.

This story does say temps will start rising again around 2020, so we're not out of the man-made disaster scenario just yet. Still, 2020 is...let's see...149 months away. About half again as much as 100.

I guess they'll put that down as the margin of error?