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Monday, July 21, 2008

Opposing a new coal-burning power plant, while

Clean Wisconsin, an "environmental advocacy organization," is putting out ads to oppose Alliant's new proposed coal power plant.

Madison, Wis. – The fight over Alliant Energy’s proposed coal plant in Cassville intensified today when Clean Wisconsin, the state’s largest environmental organization, launched an advertising campaign highlighting the economic and environmental concerns with the plant in response to a series of Alliant advertisements pushing the proposal.

“The coal plant Alliant wants to build in Cassville is both bad for the environment and the economy,” the radio ad reads. “It would spew three million tons of global warming pollution every year, cost more than one billion dollars, and set back the Governor’s goals on global warming.”
Questions about CW's funding to begin in

As to how Wisconsin can continue to meet increasing energy needs without the new plant, Clean Wisconsin had this to say:

And that's a direct quote.

Okay, so that was snarky. They probably support wind and solar and harnessing the gas emitted by algae as it communes with nature or something.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but, heck, they're Lefties, and Lefties love the Europeans, so maybe they could take a hint from Europe:

All over the world, nuclear power is making a comeback. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has just commissioned eight new reactors, and says there's "no upper limit" to the number Britain will build in the future. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has challenged her country's program to phase out 17 nuclear reactors by 2020, saying it will be impossible to deal with climate change without them. China and India are building nuclear power plants; France and Russia, both of whom have embraced the technology, are fiercely competing to sell them the hardware.