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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Packers shopping Favre?

Does this really surprise anybody?

The NFL Network reported Tuesday that the Packers have contacted a number of teams about their interest in trading for quarterback Brett Favre.

"The Green Bay Packers have spoken to multiple teams to see what they would be willing to offer for Favre," wrote Adam Schefter. "It is unknown exactly how many teams the Packers have spoken with, but what is known is that they have not relegated thier exploratory calls strictly to AFC teams. Green Bay has called at least one team in the NFC as well."

The Packers had no comment on the report.
I'll repeat what I've said before: this will have absolutely no effect on my hero worship of Brett Favre, and if it affects yours then you are a no-good fairweather fan.

Please note the correct usage of "affect" and "effect."

Also, who knows? Maybe we can get a trade of the Ricky Williams or Herschel Walker variety. That would make the whole thing go down real easy.