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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Democrats: making their own beds, bedbugs included

Remember Debra Bartoshevich? She's the delegate to the Democratic National Convention who publicly announced that she will vote for Republican John McCain, rather than Democrat Barack Obama.

I wrote about her here and here.

Well, national Democrats are about to decide whether to strip her of her delegate status. According to the Racine Journal Times, Dems will hold a conference call tomorrow, including Bartoshevich, to decide what to do.

Bartoshevich isn't happy:

"If they decide to strip me of my status, they decide to do something un-American," Bartoshevich said. "It’s not democracy. It doesn’t stand for unity, which the party wants."
I hate to say this, but…no, wait: I don’t hate to say it. I love to say it: Democrats have brought this on themselves. Maybe not the big-D Democrats so much as the liberals and progressives who form the base of the Democratic party, but still.

Bartoshevich says it's wrong for them to demote her, simply because she refuses to adhere to their guiding principle: supporting and electing Democrat candidates.

What’s that remind you of? It reminds me of attacks on Christian groups, whose main principle is to follow the teachings of the Bible. Of non-Christians complaining when they’re not allowed to join, or to hold office, simply because they refuse to adhere to the group’s guiding principles.

If you’re not going to adhere to a group’s guiding principles, or main goals, you’ve got no business being part of the group. Bartoshevich, as much as I appreciate her position and as brave as I think she's being, has no business being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Now: if the city of Denver decided that the Democrats' past rulings (which helped push Hillary Clinton out of the primary) and their decision on Bartoshevich (assuming, as I am, that they dump her) are examples of sexism, and if they therefore refused to let the Democrats hold their event in their city, then the Democrats would have some idea how the Boy Scouts felt.