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Saturday, May 10, 2008

A very short fisking

The pseudonymous blogger Illusory Tenant linked to this comment by pseudonymous blogger krshorewood, and I thought it was worth mentioning.

Let's see. The right wing wants to not give us access to low cost health care...
No, the right wing wants to lower the cost of health care the same way the costs of computers and cell phones and Lazik eye surgery are lower now than they used to be. The left wing has done everything they can to stop us from doing so. To a Lefty, the actual cost doesn't matter as long as somebody else pays.

…they want to send our jobs overseas and make sure those that remain are low paying...
By trying to lower taxes and reduce government bureaucracy here at home?

...they want to keep us under surveillance.
If by “us” he means terrorists and those who would help terrorists, then yes. I guess he self-identifies as part of that group. Somebody get the black bag.

Now they want to make us sexually repressed like they are.
Conservatives have more children than liberals.

Um…he knows how babies get made, right? Do we have to have that talk?

I’ll give krshorewood one thing: he parrots the Lefty talking points like a pro – doesn’t even pause to give them thought. And they call us mind-numbed robots.