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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some of us don’t have to suck up to get ahead.

Others of us, on the other hand

Let me first start by saying what an honor and a privilege it is to be blogging here once a week while Jo Egelhoff is off campaigning for the state assembly. Voters in the 57th Assembly District are lucky to have a candidate like Jo Egelhoff in what promises to be a very informed campaign.

Of course, I’ll have to re-train my fingers to single-space after each period. When Jo gets the bill for the resulting carpal-tunnel syndrome, she may just change her mind about socialized medicine.
Hey, Wiggy, don’t re-train yourself to only type one space after a period. Just use the Edit–Replace function, and replace every two-space instance with one. That’s what I do.

Alternatively, you can go deep into the bowels of your spellchecker (as unsettling as it is to use the word “bowels” when talking to Wiggy) and set your computer to do it for you automatically.

I help people. It’s what I do.