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Thursday, May 08, 2008

This is gonna be fun

Kevin Barrett – yes, that Kevin Barrett – is running for Congress. The Cap Times’ John Nichols reports:

LONE ROCK -- Kevin Barrett, the 9/11 skeptic whose questioning of the official story of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon drew fire from politicians when he held a one-semester appointment as an associate lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is about to push back at the politicians.

Barrett plans to announce soon that he will run as a Libertarian candidate against U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, the La Crosse Democrat who has represented western Wisconsin's 3rd District since 1996.

...Barrett's promising to run "a campaign unlike any other" -- an "all-out no-holds-barred truth jihad."

…"As you can imagine, my main issue is the 9/11 wars and the devastation they've caused to both our economy and our values," adds Barrett. "Ron Kind, a quintessential wimp Democrat who hasn't stood up against any of it, is a perfect foil."
There were so many big juicy quotes in that column, I just couldn't choose which ones to post. So do yourselves a favor and read the whole thing.

My only question: why the 3rd District? Kevin! Why not live in Madison - where people love you - and run in the 2nd District?