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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So many people voted, they ran out of ballots.

Tales from Indiana's polls:

More than 1.6 million votes were cast Tuesday in the Democratic and GOP presidential races with nearly all precincts reporting, according to unofficial tallies by The Associated Press. That smashed the 1992 primary turnout of a little more than 1 million votes.

…Nancy Zondor, of Chesterton, said she went to vote at her Porter County polling site around 4 p.m. only to be told she would have to wait or come back later for a ballot…

…Marion County, the state's most populous, had to print several thousand extra Democratic ballots because of increased demand in traditionally Republican voting areas, said Angie Nussmeyer, spokeswoman for the clerk's office.

Other ballot shortages were reported in Howard, Jackson and Hancock counties as voters turned out in droves. Local voting officials printed substitute ballots that were to be counted by hand.

Polling locations reported voter totals that far exceeded previous primaries. More than 80,000 people voted in Fort Wayne's Allen County and nearly 22,000 people voted in southern Indiana's Floyd County — both double the 1992 turnout.
So much for Photo I.D. keeping people from the polls.

There is, of course, the story of those elderly Catholic nuns who were turned away due to the lack of a photo I.D. Many electrons will die over the next few days debating that.

The important things to remember are: the nuns had been informed well in advance that they would need a photo I.D.; they could have cast a provisional ballot and confirmed their identities later, but chose not to; and it was one of their own Sisters working the polls who turned them away.

Hardly a picture of barricades and dogs and riot-geared stormtroopers.