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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A few videos

Here's the video of that tolerant, compassionate Lefty from UW Stevens Point, trashing a pro-life display on campus. If you haven't watched it, it's worth the two and a half minutes.

I'm only linking to it, since embedding was disabled.

I love the guy's voice. It's like a helium-sucking puppet voice. Funny how often you see a big guy like that with an itsy lispy voice.

Here's the one of Obama saying he's visited 57 states:

We're all having a grand old time with that (Instapundit has a nice roundup), but it's beyond any doubt (in my mind, anyway) that he meant forty-seven.

I wonder if the pause between "fifty" and "seven" is him asking himself: "did I just say fifty? Should I correct it, or just soldier on?" But it's already taken too long to decide, so he just soldiers on.

Still, people are right about how the reaction would be different, had McCain made a similar mistake.

Finally, I got a link to McCain's new commercial in my email Friday. Here it is:

Taxes "simpler, fairer." Energy "cleaner, cheaper," with a picture of a wind turbine. Eh. Health care "portable and affordable." CEOs "accountable." For what? And to whom? Mortgage debt "restructured." What does that even mean?

This won't appease conservatives at all, although happily, McCain is past that part of the campaign where he has to run right, and can instead establish himself with the Great American Middle.

Here's a thought: people – Lefties included – get mad at Hillary Clinton because she'll switch her political positions day by day, depending on the political winds.

People – mostly Righties – get mad at John McCain because he won't.