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Monday, April 07, 2008

a hypothetical Free Tibet question

A hypothetical question.

What if instead of trying the useless, never going to change a thing, worthless "protest" method to Free Tibet. The United States under President Bush said they would use the full military might of the Untied States to Free Tibet.

Would that still make Tibet a cool liberal cause or would they have to start saying that Tibet was not worth dying for.

I mean the only way China would ever give up Tibet would be if someone made them do it. And that someone is never going to be silly world protesters.

For the record I could give a rats ass about Tibet there are plenty of places in the world worse off than Tibet they just do not have the PR machine Tibet has. So I would never actually advocate use of Military force to free Tibet. Sorry but there is nothing of strategic value in that country.

I would also like to say that the idea of boycotting the Olympics over Tibet is beyond stupid just like it was when the Original Obama aka Jimmy Carter used it in 1980. The only people who will suffer because of boycott would be the Olympic athletes who have worked their whole lives for their chance to compete in the Olympics. So please lets nip any of this stupid boycott talk in the bud now.

Tibet is boring
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