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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday's Music - Another Alpine Connection

Tonight's featured musician performed his last show at Alpine Valley. He perished shortly after the helicopter he was on crashed almost immediately after takeoff. Tonight's featured musician is Stevie Ray Vaughn. I am in a blues kick of late and Stevie in my mind is a blues guitarist.

His music is frequently played on the classic rock stations, WOZZ, WIBA, and if you listen to WRLO for about an half-hour you are bound to hear one of his songs. I just picked up Couldn't Stand the Weather and there are a number of songs on there that you will recognize, but my favorite doesn't get a lot of play. It is track #1 Scuttle Buttn a fast and catchy jam. Of course, technical gadgetry can make guitar play do much to make an ordinary guitarist seem masterful, but it is an incredible piece of guitar playing. The problem is finding a YouTube of it being played, I finally found an acceptable one:

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