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Monday, April 07, 2008

A Soap Party on Incivility

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin election Owen at Boots and Sabres wrote an article on how uncivil the Wisconsin Blogosphere has become. I can agree, the Wisconsin political blogosphere is more a rugby match than a tea party. However, I wonder if it really is more uncivil than before or are we seeing nostalgia on Owen's part?

If one can demonstrate the blogosphere is more toxic than in those golden olden days than I would further hypothesize it is because there are just more of us blogging and crudity and abusiveness is bound to creep though the statistics of large numbers. That is, the fringes are going to push out farther & farther left and right.

This is not meant to urge all to wantonly use insult, vulgarity, and abusiveness in their blog writing. At Blogger Beer I say:
There is a time and place for rudeness and crudeness in blogging but most of the time you will do better with good writing and thinking.