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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Head Start on Saturday's Music

Since inspiration strikes I post Saturday's music tonight instead of on Saturday.

I was just reading LGF and Charles posted an e-mail published on The Corner. Essentially, it was criticizing people for their open wonderment about Silda Spitzer standing by her man. The letter said she is to be commended for that act and if anything Spitzer is to be criticized for using her as a prop.

This situation reminds me very much of the end of Mozart's Le Nozze Di Figaro aka The Marriage of Figaro. Figaro is a servant of the Count's and Figaro's wife Susanna works for the Countess. Since Figaro & Susanna at the start are engaged and not married The Count is working to exercise his right of first refusal (and he is not refusing). However, The Count jealously guards the purity of all those under him.

At the end The Countess and Susanna swap clothes and plot to trap The Count. Figaro (as is usual there are plots in plots on top of schemes and wrapped in conspiracies) sees this and figures it all out and joins in by making out with the woman dressed as The Countess (i.e. Susanna his wife). The Count comes and sees this and immediately demands satisfaction. Figaro begs forgiveness, "The Countess" begs forgiveness, the crowd (now coming to see the ruckus) begs forgiveness. However the Count's only response is no, no I will not give. Then the real Countess emerges and reveals The Count's hypocrisy. You guessed it, he humbly begs for and receives forgiveness from his wife.

That sums this Spitzer situation up very well (at least the end). He never showed mercy and was absolutely ruthless to those he was out to destroy and then like a clap of Thor's hand Eliot is on his knee begging for and (apparently) receiving his wife's forgiveness. I do not fault her for it, I fault him for needing to ask for it.

Anyway this installment of Saturday's music is in honor of Silda Spitzer and is the final scene from Mozart's Le Nozze Di Figaro (Gente, gente all'armi):

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