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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doyle/Lawton 2010

The Doyle/Lawton campaign has a campaign website set up (hat tip Owen).

I went on over and signed up for their e-news updates. You can also join a “coalition” at the site: "Nurses for Doyle-Lawton," "African Americans for Doyle-Lawton," "Farmers and Rural Families for Doyle-Lawton."

I thought about joining “Bloggers for Doyle/Lawton,” but didn’t. Disingenuous, I thought, since it says “for” and I’m clearly not. Maybe I’ll create a sock puppet later and do that.

Alternative thought: if the conventional wisdom about Barack Obama’s potential presidency is correct, I wonder if we shouldn't be thinking about Lawton/Coggs 2010? Lawton/Falk 2010? Dare I suggest...Lawton/Taylor 2010?