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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anti-war rhetoric means more enemy activity

That's the conclusion of this study, conducted by an Ivy League economics PhD (link leads to a 49-page pdf):

…we identify an “emboldenment” effect by comparing the rate of insurgent attacks in areas with higher and lower access to information about U.S news after public statements critical of the war. We find in periods after a spike in war-critical statements, insurgent attacks increases by 5-10 percent.
My favorite part: the authors use data from, an anti-war site that uses casualty figures in order to demagogue against the war, which, according to the study, results in more violence and thus more casualties.

I believe that's an example of irony.

Naturally, you have to take a study like this with a grain of salt – Allahpundit lists a couple possible problems with this one. Still, I seem to remember making this case in the past.