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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Badger Bracketology

If you have any advice on filling out these brackets in advance of tomorrow's tipoff, now's the time.

Oh, sure, keep it all to yourselves. Fine. It's not like there's nowhere else to get a tip or two.

The Sports Bubbler has linked several Youtube videos of Badger coach Bo Ryan making several predictions, including a couple of upsets. So if my brackets go to hell, I can just blame him.

A few other Badger-related tidbits:

- SI’s Kelly Anderson has Wisconsin making it to the Elite Eight.

- And so does Yahoo’s Brad Evans.

- So does Luke Winn, who also puts MSU and Marquette in the Sweet 16;.

- Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel has Marquette in the Elite Eight, but has Wisconsin losing to USC on Saturday. Pfft.

- But put them in the Final Four (Quote: “Prepare for some truly boring, but ruthlessly efficient, nights in Detroit.”), plus they chose Bo Ryan as the Midwest Regional’s “most handsome man.”

I'm not sure which pick reflects more poorly on their judgment.

Hurry up. First tip-off is at 11:20 tomorrow morning. Badgers start at 8:40 tomorrow night.