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Monday, March 24, 2008

Badger Bites

I hope everyone had a nice Easter and, for those of you in the southern part of the state, a good snowblower. Spring is just around the corner, but as long as you're still snowbound, you might as well see what's springing up on Wisconsin blogs. (Yes, it is a terrible pun)

*Wheaton Franciscan might as well have a company store with employee relations like this.

*Could Nader affect the presidential race?

*Nick ponders dangerously.

*I'm with James-this is refreshing.

*Peter looks at a good thing born from a bad.

*Sinbad is the new Honest Abe.

*This should be Wisconsin's new state verse.

*Ah, nothing like American pessimism.

*Heh, the wimpy WiSJ.

*Yeah, what about that blog summit?

*The return of the Cheese League?