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Monday, March 24, 2008

Protesters Disrupt Easter Service

Jeff Wagner was talking about this story today:

Six people were arrested at Holy Name parish's auditorium Sunday after disrupting an Easter mass to protest the Iraq war.

The group—whose female and male members identified themselves as Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War—stood up at the beginning of Cardinal Francis George's homily and shouted their opposition to the conflict, which marked its fifth anniversary last week. As security guards and ushers tried to remove them from the service, the demonstrators squirted fake blood on themselves and parishioners dressed in their Easter finery.
First thought: a church with security guards?

Second thought: I’m amazed none of these punks got punched in the nose.

Third thought: if you are witness to something like this; and if, say, your 6-year-old daughter in her new Easter dress got hit with the fake blood; and if you respond by punching the guy (or girl) in the nose…does the fact that you’re in church make your response worse?

Instapundit comments:

If people did this kind of thing at a mosque it would be international news, and evidence of irredeemable hatred and bigotry . . . .
Heck, muslim extremists have bombed mosques in Iraq during services. I believe the U.S. was blamed for that.

Rachel Lucas weighs in on the perpetrators:

Being so young, they likely have never had a good solid beating.
I wonder the Cardinal found room for “spare the rod, spoil the child” as he resumed his sermon.