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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Badger Bites

The Cheddarsphere is all over the map today. From Christmas parties to McDonald's and from Huckabee to Paul, it's all right here.

*Don't forget to RSVP for the Christmas party.

*Compact florescents-not quite as efficient as they are made out to be.

*Pundit Nation is upset that Donald Driver supports the Future Offensive Linemen of America (via McDonald's).

*Most patriotic.

*Ron Paul.

*And he'd consider helping Montana.

*Is Huckabee collapsing?

*No school for Jews.

*Pheisty has some highlights from this year's notable quotables.

*Separated at birth?

*Another side to ear marks.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Badger Bites will be taking off Christmas Eve and will be back next Thursday.