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Monday, December 17, 2007

Once again the left somewhere in America sides with Criminals over Victims

New Jersey repeals use of the Death Sentence.

Just once wouldn't be nice to see the left worry about and fight for victims and victims families as hard as they fight for the "rights" of criminals.

The fact they are forcing the SCOTUS to decided if lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment shows you that the left will go to no lengths to protect the criminal class. Gee when you give the family cat or dog a lethal injection when putting them down you never hear anyone say that it is cruel and unusual but give it to a triple murder and the left howls like a mashed cat.

What do Terrorists, Illegal Immigrants and Death row inmates have in common?

They all know the Left in America is fighting to protect their rights at the expense of the average law abiding citizens.

The Left sucks