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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another example why we are the Greatest Nation on earth

"Navy saves gravely ill girl on cruise"(AP)

The fact they broke off training and steamed to the aid of one teenage girl is another example of how our country and military kicks ass.

Figure we sent alot more than the 6000 sailors that AP mentions to this girls aid because I doubt the Reagan was sailing without some form of escort.

I am guessing the powers that be did not think twice about answering the distress call.

That is just the way it is at sea. I can remember during the height of the cold war being launched as part of a ready alert Search and Rescue mission to try and find and rescue the crew of a Soviet merchant ship that was sinking in a storm. We knew we were looking for "Russians" but it did not matter we worked as hard as we would have if the ship had been a US flagged vessel.

Well done to the Crew of the Reagan and the Helo Crew

Just think of the story that young lady will have to tell about her vacation.

Outstanding work