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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Late Night Badger Bite

Admit it-you're still up. There were gifts to buy after work, errands to run, and things to wrap. So take a load off, grab a glass of eggnog, and enjoy a few bites.

*Good question. Why?

*Osama for the Nobel Peace Prize.

*Fred invites the Ron Paul supporters to hang out in his comments section. At least, that's how it'll work out.

*The hope continues for a meaningful Wisconsin primary.

*Hmm. This one is...well...strange.

*Paul Soglin, damn anti-snowstorm bicycling right winger.

*How Cheney impeachment would hurt the Democrats.

*Which is the evil corporation?

*Thankfully they aren't doing this under the Leinie's label.

*Looking deeper at Mitt and guns.

*When headlines collide.