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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Badger Bites

Welcome to tonight's Badger Bites. It has been a very snowy December so far in Wisconsin. Personally, I blame global warming, which interestingly has sponsored tonight's edition, along with Exxon, Haliburton, and cute little puppies with rabies. So take a few minutes and enjoy what our sponsors have made possible.

*Was there a conflict of interest for Burmaster?

*Casper is making an effort to become Wisconsin's premier lunch blogger.

*Frank Lasee gives a lesson on why and how structural deficits might impact Wisconsin in the near future.

*Paul Soglin calls out stupidity when he sees it...even if it means taking on Madison's angry winter bicyclists.

*James points out a potentially important Wisconsin endorsement for Fred Thompson.

*The infamous Boots & Sabers commenter, in his own words.

*The Great Frankfurter Debate. Take sides, then take to the streets.

*Eminent Domain reminds us of what Hillary's appointments to the Supreme Court would look like.

*Capper's advice to the Journal Sentinel: Be Careful of Your Sources.

*Sex and the Robot at the Power Hour. Don't forget your 5KY-30.

*Caffeinated Politics thinks bloggers should moderate comments for good taste and common sense.

*"One of these days y'all are going to have to say yes."