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Thursday, December 06, 2007

They must be so proud to be a member of WEAC this morning

All I can say is isn't it great we have the good people at WEAC looking out for our children's interests.

I had a great laugh over this line form the WEAC mouth piece lawyer.

"WEAC attorney Lucy Brown said the union was concerned the school was not being held to standards in state law that ensure students receive quality public education."

If you follow their logic shouldn't they be suing to shut down MPS instead of a virtual school that was actually working.

This is another example of the harm Unions cause us ever day.

This lawsuit had nothing to do with protecting children and we all know it the only thing that it was protecting was Union Thug jobs.

Remember this the next time you hear one of those great WEAC tv or radio ads telling us what a great job they are doing for Wisconsin.

WEAC Sucks