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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Did Taylor Already Change Campaign Managers?

I don't know his politics, but Michael Horne of Milwaukee World has a good track record with his scoops.

This October, I thought he had an interesting one.
Well, at last! Lena Taylor is running for Milwaukee County Executive, her advisor Les Johns said this afternoon in an e-mail message to milwaukeeworld. Johns says the senator called him this afternoon to announce she had filed papers with the Milwaukee County Election Commission.

A worker at the commission confirmed that Taylor had filed her EB-1 form today. The document certifies her intent to run and allows her to start raising money. Finally, Taylor has hired Eric Hogensen to be her campaign manager. She joins Joe Klein as an announced candidate for the seat held by Scott Walker.

According to a Taylor Campaign Press Release today, she's already switched drivers.
Taylor for Milwaukee County Executive announced on Tuesday that John Zapfel has joined the campaign as the organization’s campaign manager.

“John brings a wealth of experience to my campaign, and I’m very pleased to have him on board as I seek to restore integrity and accountability to the Milwaukee County Executive’s office,” State Sen. Lena Taylor said.

Zapfel was born and raised in the City of Milwaukee, where he attended Milwaukee Vincent High School and later the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has worked for a number of campaigns in the Milwaukee area, including Barrett for Milwaukee, the Democratic Coordinated Campaign, and Doyle for Governor.

Hogenson is best known for running Kagen's campaign last year. (Just don't ask Eric about not getting the Congressional Chief of Staff job...I hear he's a bit touchy when it comes to that subject.)

So here's the question: Did Hogensen quit to got back full-time to Kagen -- who he's been consulting with according to the past few FEC quarterly reports -- or did Lena Taylor sack him for a guy with a better track record in Milwaukee County?

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