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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whitelaw Sausage Company

Some of you may know of the little village called Whitelaw in Manitowoc County. The little village of Whitelaw used to have a general store and butcher shop called The Whitelaw Sausage Company and they made excellent bacon and wieners. I recall seeing their wieners being sold throughout northeastern Wisconsin. In fact, I know Whitelaw Sausage Company Wieners have been enjoyed worldwide! However, the company fell on hard times, went through a number of different owners and finally closed shop.

However, that has changed! Not only is the Whitelaw Sausage Company open, they now have an online shop! The old general store is gone and now the Whitelaw Sausage Company specializes in quality meats & cheeses. The wieners are top rate and while Appleton has a good old style sausage company the Whitelaw Wiener is a superior product.

Now, I have no financial ties to the Whitelaw Sausage Company, I just want to make everyone aware of a great product and make sure my supply of the good stuff does not go away!

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