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Friday, November 16, 2007


In my post on The Eve of Destruction and on John Derbyshire's bottle melting episode I publish an e-mail I sent to John.

At the end I use the acronym TTYL.

Tee Bee then wonders what TTYL means.

TTYL is an acronym for Talk To You Later

Other common acronyms one may encounter online:
AFAIK: As far as I know
ex: AFAIK, what you say is correct.

AFK: away from keyboard (mostly used while chatting)
ex: Well I have to run to the kitchen quick, AFK

BTK: Back to keyboard (mostly used while chatting)
ex: BTK, whew that was close something I was cooking was on the verge of fire!

IM(H)O: In my (humble) opinion
ex: IMO Ravenswood county zinfandels are great wine values.

RO(T)FL(MAO): Rolling on the floor laughing (my @$$ off)
ex: That picture of the jet engine melting the pile of cars had me ROTFLMAO!

TTYTT: To Tell You the Truth
ex: TTYTT this acronym is beautifully balanced and symmetrical!

I consider these quite different than "txt" talk used by phone texters (at least those w/o full keyboards)