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Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Michigan Primary Says Court

Expect appeals from the campaigns with the most to lose out from a caucus or convention with this news.

That'd be Clinton, Giuliani, Thompson, and others with limited "on-the ground" organization.
A divided Michigan Court of Appeals refused Friday to overturn a lower court ruling that effectively bars the state from holding its presidential primary on Jan. 15.

By a 2-1 margin, the appeals panel sided with an Ingham County Circuit Court judge who ruled last week that the presidential primary law illegally restricted access to the lists of voters who participated in the election to the two major political parties.

It was not immediately clear whether Friday’s decision is the final nail in the ill-fated primary’s coffin or not.

Minutes after its release, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis called on the Legislature to approve a bill pending in the state House designed to restore the primary. Lawmakers are tentatively scheduled to convene on Tuesday, but may not act.

Despite backing from Gov. Jennifer Granholm and other Democratic Party leaders, support for the Jan. 15 primary in the Democrat-controlled state House is tepid.

Backers of the primary – designed to give Michigan a more prominent role in selecting the next president – also could seek further court review, although time is running short for that option. State elections officials told the appeals court Thursday they needed a final decision within days to meet schedules for preparing absentee ballots.
A primary is by far the preferred method of selecting a candidate. It is after all, direct democracy. A convention or caucus puts it in the hands of party bosses and die-hard activists.

Long story short, even with polls in his favor, Giuliani will not win Michigan with a caucus or convention formula. The Wolverine state is going to either Romney, McCain, or possibly even Huckabee. Mark Hemingway of NRO has a great article on who likely will win Michigan.