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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The State Planes in Muncie

The Asian Badger did a little sleuthing and found that 3 state of Wisconsin planes flew to Muncie, Indiana today.

Nice to know our taxes dollars are being spent for important stuff….Like THREE! Pilatus aircraft going to Muncie, Indiana today.

Want to track the flights yourself? Take a look.

And then he asks good questions.

(Note…I don’t have a problem with the governor having access to a plane but……..)

  1. Why are the taxpayers paying for three of these? I thought Pol Pot Doyle was selling off the fleet.
  2. Why did the State buy a plane made in Switzerland? Piper aircraft aren’t good enough? Hell, the Meridian or Mirage is the same plane, essentially.
  3. Why are 18 people going to Muncie, Indiana? It looks like at least two are staying overnight, too since I only see one scheduled departure from Muncie back to Truax.
  4. Is it any wonder this state is a tax hell? Why are taxpayers paying for THREE PILATUS PC-12s???????????????????

I'd just add one question. What was so pressing in Muncie that we had to pay to fly three planes there rather than just drive?

Link added to Asian Badger's original post. Sorry about the oversight, AB.