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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bill Passes 415-2, Kagen Demands Cookie

Given how Ellyn Ferguson is; Gannett Wisconsin's DC Correspondent, this will be in the Appleton Post-Crescent tomorrow.

Personally, I think press releases on bills that pass 415-2 are a cry for attention.

They're also nothing new.
Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. and a bipartisan coalition in the House acted Wednesday to address the growing problem of child exploitation and protect children from online predators.

The PROTECT Act (Providing Resources Officers and Technology to Eradicate Cyber Threats to our children Act), H.R. 3845, was approved by the House of Representatives 415-2. The bill was co-sponsored by Congressman Steve Kagen.

It commits resources to build a strong nationwide network of highly trained law enforcement experts to track down and put away known sex predators who target children on the Internet.
The rest of the press release is boring U.S. Code speak. The Recess Supervisor should be pleased to know no green license plates were harmed in the typing of this press release.

I'd love to see just once from a Congressman or Senator, a press release that berates the guys who voted "Nay" on bills like this. I mean, what the hell are the reasons for opposing a bill that helps the police tackle cyber predators?

Yes, one wants to practice Chamber "Comity" (gotta love homonyms...) but sometimes you just wonder; especially in a world Post-Mark Foley.

Oh, and another sign Kagen's running scared on the issue of illegal immigration (or running as hard as Rahm Emanuel tells him to); he's touring the U.S.-Mexico border this weekend. He'll be one of eight Democratic Congressmen on the "fact-finding trip."

Of the eight, seven are Freshman Democrats from NRCC-targeted districts.