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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Badger Bites 11/1

Halloween is over and deer hunting and Thanksgiving are still weeks away. What is there to look forward to? How about some of the interesting posts on Wisconsin blogs?

*Tonight we start out west with the author of Monday's edition, Chris from OTBL, who says, "Repeal the 17th Amendment."

*Meanwhile, Texas Hold 'Em Blogger brings us the shenanigans in Sheboygan. Uh, not those Shenanigans.

*The Daily Rag asks, "Is it time for the Pleasant Prairie Tea Party?" If so, I want to see the participants in powdered wigs.

*Steve brings us his favorite nominees for Weblog Awards, and there are a few homegrown blogs nominated.

*Who is the bad guy, cable companies or the Big Ten Network?

*Folkbum says that the question 'How much is enough?' is just a silly gotcha game.

*Babblemur is a sideline Ron Paul fan.

*Sean is not.

*Aaron asks for something reasonable-test score increases commensurate with school tax increases.

*Could Wisconsin matter?

*Hasenpfeffer Incorporated proposes a tax repeal I am heartily on board with.

*Illusory Tenant decides to share the c-word with invitees only.

*Pheisty gives us the YouTube expose on Hillary.