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Sunday, October 07, 2007

RE: Was it my imagination...

Actually Lance, Sean and I were watching the first couple of games at DC-area Sports Bars this season and were very worried about the spotty tackling and the stunning lack of tackling fundamentals on the Defense (a growing problem nation-wide I must say). So yesterday's loss wasn't a total surprise to me.

Frankly, Wisconsin's been lucky to eek out victories in at least two of its five wins this season.

In fact, as I sat down to watch the game yesterday, I said to the table of Illinois fans next to me "You guys are going to win today. GO BUCKY!!"

Sadly, that statement irritated the table of rather attractive female UW alums next to the table of Illini Alums.

Curse my over-developed powers of observation and deduction. If only I could find some way to personally benefit from them...

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